Hi, I’m Jibran

me figuring out the meaning of life, through checkers…

And Meaning-Making is my attempt to show that the power to practice the art of living well, lies within ourselves.

I believe meaning has to be made, not sought after. So to live a meaningful life, you first have to decide to matter. To yourself, and to others.

In Meaning-Making I’m trying to show you how—by revealing parts of ourselves through personal stories—to do just that, matter.

What’s your writing like?

I usually write personal stories, fables, poems, love letters, or essays (but I might experiment with something else as well, limericks, anyone?).

I also aim to infuse nearly everything with a lighthearted or whimsical “vibe.”

Oh, and most of my writing comes from an exciting question I have or an experience I had.

What do you write about?

Mostly timeless themes, like love, surrender, friendship, creativity, courage, curiosity, and kindness. Also, I regularly use parenting-themed examples (which I always bring back to be helpful for you non-parents as well).

Why should I subscribe?

If you don’t, you’ll die…

If you do, you’ll die as well, by the way. But if my writing resonates with you, then the time you have here—existing and all that—could be a little more fun. ;-)

Do you have a publishing schedule?

On average, I publish around two or three times a month.

Who are you, anyway?

Yeah, that question’s the reason why I started writing this Meaning-Making thing you know. I always found it too difficult to define myself, so I figured if I’d just write something for the rest of my life, I’ll get closer to figuring out who I am…

(This paragraph above probably helps you understand a bit about me already!)

I have many interests and overthink a bunch of things. But in short: I am curious, I am passionate about people creatively expressing themselves, and I believe human connection (read: love) is an inherent power in all of us.

If you want a little more detail about me and my life, work-wise, family-wise, and “achievement-wise”, I’d love to refer you to the about page of my website. (Or you can follow me on Twitter, and you’ll get an even better view of who I am.)

Who’s reading Meaning-Making?

I’m happy and grateful to say that a diverse set of folks read my work. In no specific order: artists, entrepreneurs, community builders, therapists, coaches, software engineers, marketers, homesteaders, writers, scientists, students, nutritionists, parents, and a bunch more.

What do others say about Meaning-Making?

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Rummaging through existence, exposing the jokes the gods are playing on us • I write about the art of meaning-making & playing your own authentic game • Here to make friends, learn, and share ideas.