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Going to make more videos [vlog]

100 DoW #29

TLDV: Going to commit to making more videos. It’s the medium I have the least experience in, and I need to get in the reps.

Hey everyone!

It's a cloudy morning here in the Netherlands, but that's okay because I'm kicking off my day with a new video. I've been doing (and hosting) a 100-day creative challenge, and today I figured I'd make a short video update as my entry.

In the past, I've mostly done writing, but I've wanted to branch out and make more videos. Making videos is something I'm not super comfortable with yet, but I'm getting better with each one I make. So I'm thinking about doing the remaining days of the challenge primarily in video form (of which 1/4 or so will be a vlog like this). I'll also be talking about specific prompts or questions, like today's prompt for the 100-day challenge was about a symbol that holds meaning to you.

I'm curious to see how this challenge will shape my online creativity (just like my past writing challenge led me to become a more prolific and comfortable writer). I can write decently—decently enough to get my thoughts out there to connect with folks, at least—but I want to see if I can connect with people through video as well.

I'm excited to see where this 100-day creative challenge takes me, so stay tuned, and I'll see you tomorrow with another video!


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