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Pondering video making, creativity, and the 100-day creator challenge

An experiment where I draw/color and think out loud. Let me know if this is something you'd like to see more of! | 100 DoW #31

Things I talk about in this video:

  • 100-day creator challenge (

  • Peers who create beautiful writing (see below for some of their latest work)

  • Experimenting with video making

  • Creating coloring pages in midjourney

  • Ideas of creating a service or product around authentic expression.

Have a good one!


Some of the latest posts of the people I mentioned:

Not on substack
On substack
Voices In My Head
Moving to a new place vs. building something where you are. Putting down roots vs blowing in the breeze. Exploration vs. exploitation. Except that’s an abstraction and nothing is only two-faceted. In fact, real life is like a Mandelbrot set. It repeats variations of itself endlessly, contains itself within itself infinitely…
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Day 41
Looking at the great revolutions in the world, technology was almost never the key factor used to overpower the current regimes. Usually, the greatest power controls the greatest amount of resources, allowing for the exploration of technology as a way to foster and strengthen the regime…
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Grandmotherly Wisdom
It's Easy to Be Enlightened on a Remote Mountaintop
A friend once told me about how his plant medicine teacher travelled to a remote village in Peruvian Andes. She had to walk for a few days through desolate mountains and valleys in crisp and thin air. After a long journey she reached her destination and was struck by the immaculate vibes. The whole village was peaceful and serene, everyone seemed to liv…
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(#20) I value creativity because there are no limits
I value creativity so much because there are no limits, I feel like it bridges the gap between the attainable, the unattainable, reality & things that aren’t real. Somewhere in the middle of all that chaos is creativity…
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yuelian's rough drafts
a paradox of privacy
i recently joined a community on discord where each member was given two personal starting channels by default, a public one and a private one. the group is relatively small, with ~30 members in total and only a handful actively posting to their public channels at any given time, and due to this more intimate setting i have not felt compelled to post an…
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029. Three lessons from a Bay Area blackout
I woke up from a thunderclap that reverberated through my bones this morning. This new year has brought nothing but stormy weather to the Bay Area. I’ve dealt with a couple blackouts already, but today’s been the longest yet. I thought I’d delay writing this until I got power again, but here I am using my phone’s hotspot and an LED headlight over my bean…
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Adventures of a Spiritual Warrior
'Meta' doesn't cut it.
PROMPT: “I realised, suddenly, that I was inside his mind; witness to his thoughts and experiences about me in real-time...” - @vestiphile He thought I didn’t—couldn’t—exist without him. But really, he couldn’t exist without me. His longings were infinite. His body was limited…
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Nowhere to go but UP
3 AM
I woke at 3 AM. Today I am going to Florence for four days, and I don’t want to sleep through my time there. When you visit somewhere as a young person, you imagine that you’ll be back many times. When you visit as an older person, you know that you may never see this place again. Or if you do, you might have to experience it in a completely different wa…
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