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Chop wood, find bug

Random Saturday afternoon stuff | 100 DoW #49

A short video of me splitting some firewood on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Chopping wood

So this could be something I'm doing on a typical Saturday afternoon if the weather is nice. Chops some wood. This wood is like really old. I cut the tree down eight years ago or so, no, seven years ago, when my son was half a year old.

And so it's really hard, but you see, I have a super sharp axe which goes through it like butter. Although the last time, I nicked it for the first time in years, so it's not that sharp anymore. But still, it does the trick.

I don't want to go too wide with this. The stump I'm splitting wood on is pretty small, 

Let’s see if this one wants to go again.

That’s better.

So I've got some larger piece pieces, some smaller pieces.

Anyway, chopping wood and putting it in the crate. Everyone in the Netherlands probably knows these crates. Anyway, chop wood is what I say, right? Chop wood, carry water.

Hook of Maui

Here is the hook of Maui that my son tried to make, but it split in half before we finished it, so it's kind of sad. So it's going in the fireplace as well. It's some, some other stuff with what I chopped up just now.

Wood larvae?

Look what I also found; I chopped through this piece of hardwood; what is it called? Beuk in Dutch. Beech or ash in English? Anyway, the beech insect puts their eggs in here, or larvae, and then they chew (through it). No idea how long this one's in there.

Does it still live? Probably.

It's winter now. So, and here it’s, closed it off here. See? It chews through the wood and then uses its spit or something to close the hole. And here's another hole, which is something that's died in there, probably.

Let’s see if we can find the entrance, here. Yeah. Here below the bark. If you take off the bark, you'll see where they crawled.

So anyway, interesting. Right?



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