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Stop self-sabotage (+ 13 more benefits of Playing Your Own Game)

I'm listing out the major benefits I experienced from choosing to "play my own game." (As my last video, the format is me talking while coloring.) | 100 DoW #32

Hey friends,

I thought I'd continue with this coloring-while-talking experiment for a bit. So here is a video where I cover the 14 benefits I’ve experienced from playing my own game (as I like to call it).

Side note: What I mean by ‘play your own game’ is creating more agency in your life where you align yourself with the world and then act from that aligned/connected place.

I have talked and written about some of the benefits in-depth in some other places, but never aggregated them together into a list publicly, so you’ve got the premiere!

I take about one minute for each benefit. You can watch it here, on Substack, or check it out on Youtube (and flick through the chapters I added there).

Watch on Youtube

I have talked through this list with a bunch of people, and most get around five or six that really resonate (but a different set for each person).

So if you aspire to some of these outcomes/benefits, please let me know. (As I have a long list of things I’m writing about in this space and would love to prioritize based on what you, my dear readers/viewers, could use the most.)




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  • [01:40] 1 - Clarity of life/direction

  • [02:32] 2 - Better decisions

  • [02:54] 3 - Self-confidence

  • [03:38] 4 - Intuitive connecting

  • [04:16] 5 - Overcoming limiting beliefs

  • [05:15] 6 - Self-acceptance

  • [06:57] 7 - Fearless intuition/overthinking less

  • [08:08] 8 - Playfulness

  • [08:53] 9 - Higher performance

  • [09:25] 10 - Aligned ambition

  • [10:27] 11 - Gratitude

  • [11:11] 12 - Peacefulness

  • [12:06] 13 - Companionship/friends

  • [12:51] 14 - Empowerment

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