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2022 in review

a slightly long-winded riff on the four main things I learned & experienced this year | 100 DoW #21


Hey friends, so I wanted to talk a bit about my year and some of the things I learned, and maybe what I'll do next year.

1 - This year, I started writing more personal stories and attaching lessons to them, which was different from my usual informational type of writing. It's been cool seeing people respond to it, and I'll probably keep doing it.

2 - I've also been getting more into making videos, whether it's on YouTube or somewhere else.

3 - In May, I met up with two friends from Twitter in Austria, which was a great experience. We hiked and talked about all sorts of intellectual and spiritual stuff, which was really freeing for me since I don't really get to do that with people in my local community. It also reminded me that people on the internet are real people with their own thoughts and beliefs, which is something I already knew, but it really hit home after meeting up in person.

4 - I also converged more on my "thing" that I want to talk more about, which I'd call "Playing your own game."

Anyway, I'm thinking about how I can meet more people from the internet in real life and just keep creating content and having fun with it.

How was your year? Let me know!

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